Depression, and other mental illnesses, can be a very real barrier when planning your travel dreams, but it does not mean it needs to stop you from travelling. There are many things you can do both in the lead up to your trip, and during your trip, to ensure your depression plays as small of a part in your adventures as possible. Here are some quick and easy travel tips for those living with depression, or who have depression-like symptoms.

Plan and Prepare a Trip You Know You Can Handle

The worst thing you could do to yourself when planning your trip is too make it so overwhelmingly full of challenging activities that you simply cannot handle it with the resulting fallout making you cut your trip short. You want to make sure you prepare a manageable trip, that you are sure you can handle, and that you can see yourself completing successfully, especially if this is your first big trip. You know yourself best, so you will be aware of which kinds of things to stay away from, but there are a few general things everyone can do.

  • If this is your first trip, start closer to home. Remain in your own country first and see how you react to the change.
  • Try not to overbook yourself by filling your days completely from morning until night. Allow yourself relax time and room to make changes if needed.
  • Do not sign yourself up for, or let someone else sign you up for, something you know you won’t be able to do.
  • If there is something challenging you think you may want to try, schedule time for it, but allow yourself to decide once you are there if you want to go through with it or not. Worrying about it before you do it will just cause you more anxiety than necessary.

Give Yourself Time to Acclimate to Your Surroundings

Once you arrive at your first destination, give yourself at least a few hours to get used to your new settings. First arriving in a new city or country can be an intimidating moment and you don’t need to jump head first into exploring as soon as you leave the airport…

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